Nathan Douglas is a Vancouver-based writer and director. Born in Ontario, he studied film at Simon Fraser University, graduating in 2012.

Since 2015, Nathan’s short films have screened worldwide at festivals including Locarno, Clermont-Ferrand, Busan ISFF, FNC Montreal, and the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Nathan currently works full-time as a cinematographer and editor with the Centre for Educational Excellence at Simon Fraser University. His first feature is in development.

Director's Statement
I'm fascinated by the contemplative and liturgical properties of cinema. The act of seeing - of beholding - is the common ground between religious worship and film-watching and my work is focused on exploring this rich territory. I am less concerned with drama or psychological insight than with capturing the thickness of a moment – a look, a gesture, a movement, a word, a presence. The polyphony of life itself is revealed in cinema by its reorganization of time and the senses.

C.V. (2019)



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Marco Abram / Locarno Festival / 2018

Marco Abram / Locarno Festival / 2018